Discover the advantage of building a smart city with 360 solutions

In order to make the entire secure and smart, Intozi has come up with the 360 degree solution. The work area covers the road, public places, shopping malls, schools and hospitals etc. A single package contains multiple solutions to make a connected and smart network and get a safer and sustainable place to live in. The advanced AI-based technology and the computer vision methodology let the efficiency increased with higher stability.

Core Features

Smart parking system

The automatic number plate recognition system helps in automated vehicle parking thus reducing time consumption.

Intelligent traffic management system

The ITMS system improves the flow of traffic on the road and leads to enhance security by speed violation detection and smart traffic lighting system.

Crowd counting system

The crowd analysis software keeps a quick watch of the people entering and leaving an area and how much time they have spent at a place.

Face recognition system

The face detection software keeps capturing the people and sends an alert on the detection of any suspicious activity or unknown face.

Object detection

The object detecting system can easily track the unattended objects and differentiate between different available objects.

Smoke and Fire Detection System

The smoke and fire detection system send quick alerts in case the fire or smoke is detected in an area to prevent any mishappening or losses.


360 degree solutions application


Smart cities

The 360 degree solution has widespread application for creating a smart city that is completely network connected and secured. The various AI-based systems and computer vision processing lead to the development of edge-processing solutions across the city.



About 360 degree solutions

The Intozi based 360 solutions are intended to achieve the dream of a smart city and minimize various crimes and mishappenings across the city. By incorporating the use of various adaptive AI-based systems, enforcing rules for the citizen become efficient within the cities. The entire system is integrated with the best image and video analytical solutions thus creating uniform system architecture and safeguarding the entire area.

  • Smart cities are the enabler of the future that rapidly helps in acceleration of the economic growth the quality of lifestyle is also improved.
  • Intozi’s 360 solutions are developed after keeping in mind the constantly rising importance of communications and information around the city.
  • The comprehensive suite of 360 degree solutions includes automated parking, intelligent traffic management along with constant monitoring of people at a place.
  • The integrated and comprehensive solutions can be used in multiple applications that let the customers address various segments and reduce the costs.

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