Unleash the Power of ANPR

ANPR system has now turned up to become the need of the hour with the continuous increase of heinous crimes and violation of traffic rules. The ANPR camera has the power to keep a strict watch on all the vehicles passing around a region. The system is a perfect solution for the task of mass surveillance capturing the clear image of the number plates of vehicles. The ANPR software works on fundamentals of computer vision and AI and is capable of decoding the number plate along with the model type and color etc.

Core Features

Smart Dashboard

The data can be looked upon from 360 degrees and the in-built reports help in extracting data in all desired formats including PDF, Excel, and CSV.

Feature Rich

Get the best from our advanced video processing engine, valuable information like Vehicle Class, Color, and Make & Model along with Vehicle Registration number.

Platform Independent

The ANPR can run efficiently on LINUX, WINDOWS, and MACS. The cloud API can be easily integrated with any platform without much effort.

Video Mining

In order to extract valuable information about the vehicles, the ANPR application can accept video from the external storage device.

Vehicle Hot-listing

The system keeps adding the new vehicles into the list and as soon as any of the vehicles from the list are captured, the alerts are sent via emails.

Engineers Support

Intozi’s support team is available 24/7 to assist with all your queries in order to make sure that the application is working smoothly round the clock.


Number Plate Recognition Software Applications


Traffic Enforcement

For improving the traffic flow, ANPR helps in cropping off the traffic.


ANPR Interceptor

ANPR helps in enhancing security by assisting the traffic police to detect the rule-breakers, Overspeed vehicles and frauds on road.


Smart Cities/ Societies

Keeps the entry of all registered vehicles and sends alerts on the entry of any new vehicle.


ETC (Electronic Toll Collection)

Keeps track of all vehicles passing by the toll


Parking Management

ANPR provides a free-flow experience of parking and sends alerts on space availability


Warehouse Management System

ANPR Camera keeps the track of company registered vehicles and visitors’ vehicles.


About ANPR

Focused on Actionable Insights

ANPR refers to Automatic Number Plate Recognition also known as License Plate recognition. It is an in-demand technology of today that uses the concept of advanced image processing and recognition of the optical characters on the images and video streams. This is done to read the number plate on the vehicle and to generate the real-time data of the vehicles. The LPR technology is powered with advanced operations that are perfectly suited for the computer vision. The APIs are flexible enough to get integrated with various available security systems. There are diverse range of operations being performed by the ANPR including car parking, traffic management and security enforcement etc.

  • The power to identify all the vehicles coming to the parking entrance can be of high significance for the organizations. The entry to the places including offices, schools, and factories can be secured.
  • Earlier, the ANPR systems were more costly and could operate only in limited areas. There was a need for human intervention to start the operation and low light was one of the biggest disadvantages. But today’s ANPR is engineered with highly advanced and intelligent deep learning algorithms along with GPU processors. They can easily overcome all the challenges.
  • The system can work with more than 98% accuracy and even the weather and lighting changes cannot affect the working efficiency.

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