No Helmet Detection

The AI-based Helmet Detection technology can easily detect people who are without helmets on the road.

  • Detects people in real-time with the ultra-power technology
  • Detection accuracy of more than 98%
  • Quick processing time
  • Less expensive solution
  • Multiple IP Camera processing capability

Crowd Analysis

The people counting system improves the efficiency, security, and productivity of your area without violating and privacy of the visitors.

  • Real-time data and alerts sent
  • Fully anonymous software
  • The integration allowed with the exiting security network
  • Ability to distinguish several people at the same time
  • No effect of weather changes or any lighting effects.

Object Montioriing

Our object monitoring technology works along with image processing and computer vision to detect the semantic objects in the images and the videos.

  • Feature-based object detection
  • The differentiating capability between various objects
  • More than 98% accuracy
  • Faster and reliable object detection and tracking

Vehicle Detection

The vehicle detection software works toward sending immediate cautioning alarm to the drivers in case the vehicles are approaching one another.

  • The extensive capability of speed detection along with vehicle count
  • Low-cost solution to reduce the collision risk
  • 360-degree field of view
  • Pathway detection up to 70m
  • Cloud facilitated software
  • Supports extreme environment change

Driver Drowisness

Our driver drowsiness detection technique can detect the initial signs of fatigue by easily monitoring the steering movements and advise the drivers to pause.

  • Steering angle sensor efficiently determines rotation and velocity movements
  • Helps to avoid crashes
  • Driver face and eye monitoring
  • Supports low lighting


The Geofencing technology lets the user get messages when they enter particular specified areas.

  • Real-time alerts on email account or mobile
  • Location-based service
  • 3-d object market detection
  • Improved accuracy with reduced hardware cost
  • Easily configurable systems

Intrusion Detection

The intrusion detection system helps in protecting your network and area from hackers, malware, and unwanted access and caters to other security-related needs.

  • Efficient sensors to generate security events
  • Reliable console to monitor all alerts and events
  • Latest signature detection techniques
  • Monthly and quarterly reports
  • Recommendations on event mitigation

No Seat Belt Detection

The seat belt detection technology helps in efficiently determining whether the seat belt in the car is belted or not.

  • High-quality image capturing techniques
  • Supports extreme weather conditions and low lighting
  • Multi-detectors technology entertained
  • Automatic selection of discriminative feature set


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