Absolutely smart fire and smoke detection to fight against the mishaps

Intozi offers the most reliable smoke and fire detection system for all the business requirements and help the customers remain safe against any accidents and happenings. The entire software is a combination of efficient and smart AI based devices including the audio and visual signalization to immediately warn the people against any possible smoke or fire in the premises. The warning are send either through long sounds or the voice messages. The system has the capability of monitoring large spaces efficiently and the detection process is very fast and accurate.

Core Features

High Accuracy and Promptness

The system is programmed such that it avoids any false triggers unlike the ordinary fire alarms

Prompt detection of fire

The fire being spread in the area is effectively decreased by the system. It quickly detects the fire or smoke and ionizes the fire with the help of AI technique.

Consistent monitoring

The system continuously monitors the area. Even in case of power outage, the backup batteries help ensuring the system is up and running.

Multifunctional AI framework

The system combines the power of image data received by the cameras with the sequential data received from sensors to provide 360 degree view of the area.

Mobile alerts

You will get real time notifications and alerts on the mobile app in case of occurrence of any incident.

Ease of maintenance

Reminders are set in system to clean the detectors on regular basis to ensure that they work smoothly. The batteries need to be changed annually for efficient working.


Our Applications Based On Smoke And Fire


Home Security Solution

The smoke and fire system works in the homes by sending alerts in case of any mishappening that is going to occur.


Industrial Security Solution

In industries where regular production work is going on, the system works by detection of any smoke or fire incident in any place.


Corporate Security Solutions

In corporate sectors, the system works vigilantly by constantly monitoring all the areas 24/7.



Advanced smoke and fire detection system with high accuracy rate

The fire and smoke software is one of the important systems that are required to keep your premises safe and prevent from any accidents or huge losses. Whenever any fire is going to occur, it is crucial that you get to know about it so that you can put it out or escape the place. Intozi based high quality smoke and fire detection system has the power to detect the incidents far before they are going to occur. A fire begins with the smoke and our systems are smart enough to identify the smoke and this can help you in taking the measures before the incident occurs.
The various best features include

  • Monitoring of the large and wide volume spaces effectively
  • Detection speed is very quick and fast
  • There is continuous video recording that helps in analysis after the event has occurred
  • The system has power to identify various fumes types and differentiate between them
  • The location of fire is triangulated
  • The machine is programmed to ignore some particular areas in order to avoid any nuisance alerts and alarms

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