Smart, Intelligent, And Efficent Transport Management System

Each year, the highways are becoming busy with full of traffic since the vehicles are increasing in numbers on roads day-by-day. With high traffic, the road safety has become one of the major concerns of safety on first place. This cocern has given birth to the road safety management system developed on artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies.

Our smart video analytics is truly recommended to crop off the traffic to smooth the transportation and parking issues. Traffic Management System consists of vehicle detection and classification in term of variant, model, color, In/Out flow helps organization to maintain & automate the data in further process-parking slot allocation and recognition- Featuring Vehicle queue measuring, vehicle counting and traffic rule violation detection.

Core Features


Portable devices are designed in such a way that these can be installed anywhere road safety management system.


AI & Computer Vision have turned our vision into real-time product which highly accurate and customize as per customer need.


Deployment with ease access on any operating system as well cooperative customer support by our team for any help.

Intelligent BI Capabilities

Provision to view data from 360 Degree using Business Intelligence features.

Special Features

Smart Traffic Management System


Vehicle Queue Measuring

Our tool is capable of measuring queues of vehicles at any place.


Vehicle Counting

Precise counting of vehicles where the number desired to secure the road safety management system.


Vehicle Classification

Real-time trained traffic management system classifies the particular vehicle with model, color and type.


Traffic Rule Violation Detection

Detection & alert via Interceptor if traffic rules violation occurs on road for intelligent transport system.


Red Light Crossing Detection

Traffic Light Management System detects the vehicle if crosses the red light.


E-Challan Generation

Integration with Vahan,Data Validation & Challan Generation.



Advance Intelligent Transposrt System

The application of ITMS is widely accepted because of it’s traffic efficiency for traffic control and giving the ease of life, trasnportaion and security in major. Technology is backbone of the advance road safety managment system as our tool is trained on real-time information and analytical results provide us the solution to the one of the major issues of all over the world-Traffic Management, Tarffic Light Management System.

Parking in the public areas or commercial areas is always a hurdle to people coming in or leaving the place. Our smart analytic cost friendly systems provide comfort solution to this problem. As intelligent transport system our product will allocate the parking to vehicles, helps in :

  • Vehicle Count
  • Classification Of Vehicles Whether Two Wheeler Or Four Wheeler On First Place On Single Dashboard Automatically Once Installed.

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