Intozi's Red Light violation Detection solution

is designed for organizations having multiple entry-exit or surveillance spots.

Red Light Violation Detection

Multiple vehicles can be tracked through a single centralized system

RLVD Solution

Intozi's RLVD system is based on advanced computer vision technology which is capable to detect the vehicles jumping the red light as well as violating Zebra crossing by using a video stream of cameras installed at traffic junctions in real-time. It helps enforcement agencies to track down the offenders by extracting the vehicle number automatically as well as helps in providing a safer driving experience and improves compliance with road traffic rules without any manual dependency by reducing accidents and fatalities at traffic intersections.


Centralised systems architecture: Video feeds from all the cameras on a road terminate in the central control room, if it is equipped with proper communication infrastructure, bandwidth, servers, storage and other IT infrastructure. All these video feeds are analysed in real time in these central servers to detect violation of red light and automated recognition of the license plates of the violating vehicles.


  • Red light Violation detection Accuracy above 95%
  • Real time alerts to authorities for violations
  • E-Challan Integration and Dashboard
  • Video evidence of event of violation
  • Easy to integrate with third party systems
  • Automatic alerts for Hotlisted/suspected vehicles