Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Covers all areas - from fast to slow that makes it easy to manage traffic flow

    Advanced ANPR Camera For Vehicles

    Intozi’s ANPR camera is powered by a deep learning-based AI engine that provides automatic number plate recognition of vehicle number plate with high accuracy. ANPR software is powered by advanced AI Technology which is capable of capturing and reading license plates in complete darkness, glaring light and adverse whether conditions.

    • Smart AI-powered Engine
    • Vehicle Counting
    • Recognition time less than 100 ms
    • Specially designed for Indian number plates

    Seamless Integration

    • Vehicle Classification and Vehicle Counting
    • Highly Accurate ANPR Solution
    • Multiple Lane targeting up to 3 lanes.
    • Fancy Number Plates Detection
    • E-Challan Integration for traffic enforcement
    • Smart Alerts for Hotlisted Vehicles
    • 95% accuracy on clearly visible plates

    ANPR Devices

    • Our ANPR system comes with a smart dashboard that provides real-time analysis of vehicular data from multiple sources.
    •  It helps view and analyze vehicle data from a broader perspective, enabling effective decision-making for traffic management.

    • Our ANPR Camera can effectively be integrated with any third party software/application
    • Inbuilt API interface requires minimum efforts to integrate with other systems.

    • Boom barrier will facilitate the Hot-listed vehicles. Hot-listing the vehicles is the easy task performed on dashboard manually.
    • High-end entry and exit management procedures. Hot vehicles listed on the dashboard attain easy flow of movements. 

    • Vehicle count is the integral part of our ANPR system. 
    • Our ANPR camera can effectively count the traffic flow on a given area for Smart City traffic analysis, intelligent traffic management & highway planning, etc.

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