Advanced ANPR for vehicles

Intozi’s smart traffic monitoring device is designed for reading vehicles numbers in free flow traffic with high accuracy. ANPR engine is powered by advanced AI Technology which is capable of capturing and reading license plates in complete darkness, glaring light and adververse whether conditions.

  • DEEP learning based AI engine
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Recognition time less than 100 ms
  • Specially designed for Indian number plates

Seamless Integration

Intozi's ANPR device is easy to install and set-up. It comes with inbuilt integration with boom barriers and access controllers.

  • Plug and play, with no need of NVR/DVR.
  • Vehicle Hot-listing feature facilitate to raise alerts for stolen/suspected vehciles
  • Works perfectly for all categories of vehciles including two wheelers & autos
ANPR Device

Feature Rich

DEEP learning based AI engine;Specially designed for Indian number plates- upto 95% accuracy on clearly visible plates

Smart Dashboard

Smart Dashboard and Reports helps to view and analyse the vehicle data from broader prospective

Vehicle Counting

Vehicle count is the integral part of the our ANPR device. which is important for traffic survvey , Traffic analysis for smart city and highway planning.

Boom Barrier Integration

Boom barrier will facilitate the Hot-listed vehicles. Hot-listing the vehicles is the easy task performed on dashboard manually.

Entry-Exit Management

Easy to manage the Entry-Exit vehicles log through the smart reports with timing.