We strive to work towards bringingArtificial Intelligence

to the edge for a smarter and safe world

ANPR & Vehicle Classification

First IoT enabled & AI-based ANPR camera reads vehicle number with high accuracy

  • Trained over 10 million images
  • Recognition time less than 100 ms
  • specially designed for Indian plates
  • 99% accuracy on clearly visible plates in day and night
  • Easy Boom barrier control
  • Vehicle Classification and Vehicle Counting
No Helmet Detection

The AI-based Helmet Detection technology can easily detect
people who are without helmets on the road.

  • Detects people in real-time with the ultra-power technology
  • Detection accuracy of more than 98%
  • Quick processing time
  • Less expensive solution
  • Multiple IP Camera processing capability
Wrong way Driving

Our device is integrated with E Challan facility

  • Targets the wrong way driving vehicle
  • Clicks image of the vehicle
  • Vehicle details will be sent E-Challan System

The seat belt detection technology helps in efficiently determining whether the seat belt in the car is belted or not.

  • High-quality image capturing techniques
  • Supports extreme weather conditions and low lighting
  • Multi-detectors technology entertained
  • Automatic selection of discriminative feature set
Fire-Smoke Detection

Intelligent Smoke and Fire Detection system with immediate alerts

  • Monitoring of the large and wide volume spaces effectively
  • Detection speed is very quick and fast
  • There is continuous video recording that helps in analysis after the event has occurred
  • The system has power to identify various fumes types and differentiate between them
  • The location of fire is triangulated
  • The machine is programmed to ignore some particular areas in order to avoid any nuisance alerts and alarms
E-Challan Enforcement

Intozi’s smart traffic enforcement devices enable authorities to issue E-Challan to violators without any manual intervention.

  • Built in integration with Vahan portal helps extract the vehicle owner information with utmost safety and security
  • Smart dashboard facilitate to visualize the E-Challan data on the basis of important parameters like type of violation,location wise violation trend analysis.
Hardware Consultancy

We are a team with vast experience of working on a wide range of hardware components

  • Expertise in controllers,lasers,radar sensors and single chip computers
  • Our clients take the leverages to build the best in class affordable products
  • Solutions for client's respective use cases
Custom Development

Intozi is open to do customization on traffic solutions.

  • customization in smart dashboards UI
  • Multi-detectors technology entertained