Securing The Future

The face recognition system by Intozi is a highly trained and proficient model that is completely scalable and secure. It can easily identify patterns, individuals and trends amongst thousands of passers. Without the intervention of any human, the detection system will mark the attendance, featuring quick capturing of the image. It sends a real-time alert if a new face is detected.
The system has the capability to work flawlessly across hundreds of locations thus creating powerful threat intelligence architecture and securing the place efficiently.

Core Features

Real time Recognition

Quickly identifies the faces from the watch list and sends the automated real-time alerts with high accuracy.


The system is safeguarded from any unauthorized recognition from the captured videos and images.

Multiple Training Sources

The system is trained with the help of multiple videos and images of users being fed.

Highly Secure

All the data available in the system resides in encrypted form and there is no unauthorized access.

Quick Integration

The integration with other systems including Payroll/HRMS and ERP applications with the help of APIs is quick and efficient.

Smart Dashboard

The role-based dashboard helps in functionalities like attendance management, timesheets and report generation along with overtime management.


Face Recognition Software Applications


Attendance System

The face recognition is used in schools, colleges and corporate sectors for validating attendance and time of all the candidates. Only registered people can enter the area.


Secure Facilities

The system allows access to only registered faces and in case of any unwanted person, immediate alerts are sent with 100% accuracy.


Advanced Access Management

The Geofencing for the high alert areas like airports, railway stations, and hotels, etc by the system acts to be the best security measure.


About Face Recognition

Face Based Attendance System’s Speciality

With the help of artificial intelligence and powerful computer vision, the capability of virtual vision which was once an imagination has now turned into reality. Intozi offers the fastest and amongst the world’s most accurate face recognition system that has been built using the latest technologies. The major goal is to secure the life of the people all around and create a secure environment at a highly competitive price.

  • No Attendance CorrectionThe probability of errors is almost reduced with the face recognition software and there is no requirement of a person manually monitoring it.
  • Zero Time Consumption No more waiting in the long queues required for making attendance. Thus, you save your time and improve work productivity.
  • Low CostVery less costing required for the hardware and maintenance purpose
  • No Missing Finger Punch IssuesThere is no chance of missing the punch with the real-time and highly trained face detection system

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