Artificial Intelligence to create ultra intelligent solutions

Intozi is a top rated computer vision based Artificial Intelligence Company that helps redefine your business and transform it with next-generation AI solutions.


All Our Products Are Powered With Technology


We are your best solution for assistance in number plate recognition. We have the most effective ANPR which works without any limit in the any situation and high resolution camera and camera angel.

Traffic Enforcement

Intozi offers you with the best and the most accurate system of face recognition which comes with generic IP camera which can detect change in poses and even with people walking.

Traffic Management

The smoke and fire detection work actively by sending alarm notifications on a Smartphone. It can also be integrated with a home security system and provide alerts as and when smoke or fire is detected in the area.

Video Analytics

The 360 solutions comprise all the computer vision technologies integrated together to make a system more vulnerable to any suspicious activities or for managing the traffic on road. This technology optimizes the performance of the city operations along with traffic signals and many more.