Set new standards for speed enforcement with SpeedOSoft

Our laser gun speed detection system has the ability to cut down all the traffic-related issues and enhances the complete security on road. The embedded laser device along with HD video camera with the auto focus features makes the system more viable and attractive. The ANPR vehicle identification with video recording makes SpeedOSoft the most demanding tool of the era. This application is in high demand among the police and related areas for enforcement of strict laws in order to resolve the traffic rule violation issues.

Core Features

Vehicle Classification

The SpeedOSoft has the power to detect whether a vehicle is a two-wheeler or four-wheeler.

Vehicle over-speed

The laser gun has the ability to detect vehicles’ speed along with providing alerts when overspeeding is done.

Helmet detection

The helmet detection feature can easily find out whether the rider on the moving vehicle is wearing the helmet or not.


The Automatic Number Plate Recognition feature helps in providing all the vehicle-related details including the number plate details, color, and type.

Authentic recognition

The authenticity of the device and the error-free detection power makes it unique from other available software.

Video recording

At whatever places the SpeedOSoft is installed, the live video is recorded for the data up to the total range of 3 KMs.


Face Detection Applications


Hand-held Speed Monitoring Devices

The SpeedOSoft system has a major application on roads with heavy traffic to target a specific vehicle.


Interceptor Speed Monitoring Device

The interceptor vehicles are equipped with the SpeedOSoft to record the speed of the ongoing vehicle on road.


Fixed Speed Monitoring Device

The fully automated vehicle detection feature of SpeedOSoft makes it perfectly suitable for maintaining records of overspeeding vehicles.



Advanced SpeedOSoft Laser Speed Device

Highly advanced and AI-based SpeedOSoft tool with autofocus capacity has the power to work on any operating system and is completely a web-based application. There is a centralized dashboard to capture all the data securely and have a record of everything. The automatic recording feature makes the product high in demand in the market; you just need to set the aim in whatever direction is required and the auto mode will start its work and can easily target up to the distance of 3 KMs.

  • There are no latency related issues since the entire process of recording and detection is done in very little time.
  • The data encryption techniques make the system highly secure as no third party can access data without permission.
  • The SpeedOSoft system generates real-time outcomes that are highly accurate with very fewer chances of errors.

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