Overspeeding Violation Detection-Speedster Laser

perfoms vehicle classification in real time basis to detect overspeeding violation


Intozi's Speed measurement device is based on advanced laser based technology. It detects the over speeding vehicles with great accuraccy. AI-based software can perfom the vehicle classification in real time basis so that overspeeding violation can be detected as per limit defined for respectieve vehicle class. Highly efficient ANPR engine can read the vehicle number from all type of plates with perfection. Auto mode of the device is capable to track violation without any manual intervention.

  • Speed Range - 8 Kmph to 350 Kmph
  • Distance Range - 6 metres to 2000 meters


  • E-Challan Integration
  • Highly Accurate ANPR Engine
  • Works perfectly during Day & Night
  • Smart Reports and Analytics
  • No Helmet Detection, Overspeeding
  • Vehicle Classification & Vehicle Hotlisting

Accuracy with Precision

Advanced Laser device which detect the vehicle speed with great accuracy. Margin for error in speed detection is almost negligible.

Smart Alerts

Speedster Hand Held device can detect a wide range of traffic violations along with video and image evidences of violations and send the smart alerts.

E-Challan Integration

Hand held device can send the captured violation incidences records to centralized control room with video and image evidence and Challans can be sent to offender on Email and messages with evidence.


AI engine reads the number plates of fast moving vehicles with perfection and is proficient to read vehicle number plates for standardized as well as non-standardized number plates.