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ANPR Device

Intozi's ANPR is designed for reading vehicles number with high accuracy. ANPR engine is Powered by advanced AI technology which is capable of capturing and reading the license plates in complete darkness, glaring light and adverse weather conditions with exceptional detectiona and recognition qualities.

ANPR Enterprise

Intozi's enterprise ANPR solution is designed for organizations having multiple entry - exit or surveillance spots.Ordinary cameras installed at multiple supports can be connected to single centralized system to track the vehicle movement by reading vehicle registration numbers.Safety & Security team can add or remove the camera devices using very simple and intuitive web based user interface of Intozi's Enterprise ANPR system

ANPR Traffic Violation

To keep a track on a range of traffic violations. This device works with great precision even for the traffic moving at high speed. Vehicle classification feature helps to track over speeding vehicles on the basis of speed limits defined for respective vehicle classes. ANPR device works perfectly during night and other adverse weather conditions. Additionally, have smart alerts for hotlisted vehicles.

Core Features

Vehicle Hotlisting

The Data Can Be Looked Upon From 360 Degrees And The In-Built Reports Help In Extracting Data In All Desired Formats Including PDF, Excel, And CSV.

Easy Boom Barrier Integration

Get The Best From Our Advanced Video Processing Engine, Valuable Information Like Vehicle Class, Color, And Make & Model Along With Vehicle Registration Number.

Cloud Dashboard

The ANPR Can Run Efficiently On LINUX, WINDOWS, And MACS. The Cloud API Can Be Easily Integrated With Any Platform Without Much Effort.

Easy Third Party Integration

Intozi’s Support Team Is Available 24/7 To Assist With All Your Queries In Order To Make Sure That The Application Is Working Smoothly Round The Clock.

About ANPR

Focused on Actionable Insights

ANPR refers to Automatic Number Plate Recognition also known as License Plate recognition. It is an in-demand technology of today that uses the concept of advanced image processing and recognition of the optical characters on the images and video streams. This is done to read the number plate on the vehicle and to generate the real-time data of the vehicles. The LPR technology is powered with advanced operations that are perfectly suited for the computer vision. The APIs are flexible enough to get integrated with various available security systems. There are diverse range of operations being performed by the ANPR including car parking, traffic management and security enforcement etc.

  • Easy Boom barrier control.
  • Specially designed for Indian number plates.
  • 99% accuracy on clearly visible plates.
  • Recognition time less than 100 ms.

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