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Traffic Enforcement Products

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Handheld Radar

Intozi’s traffic violation detection device is equipped with 2D radar and it can detect the overspeeding vehicles moving at speed up to 250 km/h. Best in class ANPR engine can read vehicle’s number plates with perfection.

Speedster Radar

Intozi's ANPR device is designed to keep a track on a range of traffic violations. This device works with great precision even for the traffic moving at high speed. Vehicle classification feature helps to track over speeding vehicles on the basis of speed limits defined for respective vehicle classes

Speedster Laser

Intozi's Roaddstar Speed measurement device is based on advanced laser based technology and it can detect the over speeding vehicles with great accuraccy.Artificial intellingence based software can perfom the vehicle classification in real time basis so that overspeeding violation can be detected as per limit defined for respectieve vehicle class.

Anti-Violation Device

Intozi's enterprise ANPR solution is designed for organizations having multiple entry - exit or surveillance spots.Ordinary cameras installed at multiple supports can be connected to single centralized system to track the vehicle movement by reading vehicle registration numbers.Safety & Security team can add or remove the camera devices using very simple and intuitive web based user interface of Intozi's Enterprise ANPR system


The custom-built, end-to-end solution is designed for Indian conditions to effectively monitor road junctions 24x7, and generate alerts in various forms when a vehicle violates red light at a traffic intersection. The system offers full VMS functionality along with incident detection analytics applications - all in a single, unified monolithic systems architecture.


Automatically track the vehicles violating the Yellow Box rule and capture the video of violation along with images and vehicle number as evidences. Highly efficient Intozi's ANPR engine is capable to read the vehicle numbers of all the vehicles with great accuracy.

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