Yellow Box Solution

Fully automatic surveillance system for traffic intersections to violation detection.

Key Features

Automatically track the vehicles violating the Yellow Box rule and capture the video of violation along with images and vehicle number as evidences. Highly efficient Intozi's ANPR engine is capable to read the vehicle numbers of all the vehicles with great accuracy.

  • Yellow Box Violation Detection
  • Instant Alerts for Hotlisted vehicles
  • Support up to 4 Lanes
  • Vehicle Volume Analysis
  • Lane jumping or Wrong Lane driving detection
  • Video recording of the event of violation as evidence.
  • Centralized dashboard for remote monitoring and analysis
  • Highly accurate automatic number plate recognition engine.


Highly accurate engine to read the number plates with great accuracy during day and night.

Wrong Lane

Detect the vehicles driving in wrong lanes designated for other category of vehicles.

Vehicle Counting

Get to know vehicle volume at intersection in real time to manage the traffic with more efficiency.

Vehicle Classification

Classify vehicle volume into different classes automatically.

Vehicle Hot listing

Get instant alerts in real time for suspected/stolen or VIP vehicles.

Easy to install and configure

Need very small technical knowledge to install and configure Yellow Box system at a traffic junction.


Enter the junction box only if your exit road is clear.

Don't stop/park vehciles at yellow box marking. Keep the area free for moving vehicles.