About Intozi

Intozi design and develop Artificial Intelligence based computer vision applications for all kinds of video analytics with offerings for a wide range of industries including retail, security, smart cities, traffic enforcement and hospitality among others. Intozi has an array of products starting from Automatic number plate recognition, Face recognition and Radar & Lidar based speed monitoring devices.

  • Ultra Scalable Solutions
  • Edge Processing Technologies
  • Advance Computer Vision Technologies
  • Delivers Unparalleled Accuracy



Advanced Automatic Number Plate recognition system read the vehicle numbers with great accuracy during day and night. It reads all type of plates with perfection.

Traffic Enforcement

Best in class traffic enforcement devices empower the authorities to enforce traffic laws for better and safer roads and highways.

Video Analytics

Intozi provides video surveillance systems to improve security and safety processes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and providing real-time solutions for traffic enforcement.


New age Intelligent Traffic Management System is here to help authorities to manage the traffic with much efficiency and precision.

Speedster Radar

Device’s automated traffic violation detection software is capable to detect and notify the traffic violations like Overspeeding,No-Helmet,Wrong Way Driving and Triple Riding etc. without any manual dependency. It capture the violation with image evidences.

Speedster Laser

Laser based solutions are specially developed for speed detection on roads for safety and surveillance in traffic enforcement by detecting Overspeeding,No-Helmet,Wrong Way Driving and Triple Riding etc. without any manual dependency.


Automatic vehicle counter and classifier system is used to classify the vehicle in different predefined classes on the basis of count of axle and size of a vehicle as well as do ANPR and evidence recording.


Notify to the traveller on real time basis by displaying their vehicle speed using radar based speed detection and raise alerts for over speeding vehicles. Overspeed alerts warns commuters to slow down the vehicles so that road accidents can be averted.

AI Deployment

Parking Management

Intozi's parking management suit helps to manage all Parking opeartions with small manual dependency.Plug & play Boom Barrier integration helps to manage the access by restricting unauthorized vehicles.Parking suit comes with Desktop and mobile applications which are very easy to use.

Traffic Enforcement

Rapidaly changing landscape of traffic scenario demands much advanced enforcement solutions.Intozi's traffic enforcement solutions empower authorities to make roads more safe and secure.Computer vision technology tightly integrated with Radar/Laser technologies to form robust and scalable solutions.

Smart City & Safety

Intozi has all type of solutions required for new age smart cities.Equipped with video analytic based smart Parking Management,Traffic Management,Crowd & traffic heatmap analysis systems this solution helps to rasie alerts so that authorties can take data driven decisions to mange traffic,safety and security of citizens.

Intozi helps you drive efficiency and growth with innovative AI-based applications.

Security & Automation

Enhance safety measures at construction sites or industrial units by implementing Intozi's AI based safety suit system.It detects the workmen without safety jacket or safety helmet and many other violations.Facial recognition technolgy helps to restric unauthorized access to your space.

Our Products

ANPR Devices

Intozi's ANPR devices are based on cutting edge technolgies and these are capable to read vehicle number plates with accuraccy above than 95% for all scenarios.ANPR devices comes with additional features like vehicle count,number plate classification and boom barrier.

Handheld Radar

Intozi’s traffic violation detection device is capable to detect traffic violations with good accuracy. This device is very compact and easy to use. Device is equipped with 2D radar and it can detect the overspeeding vehicles moving at speed up to 250 km/h. Best in class ANPR engine can read vehicle’s number plates with perfection.

Red Light Violation Detection System

Designed for Indian conditions to effectively monitor road junctions 24x7, and generate alerts in various forms when a vehicle violates red light at a traffic intersection. The system offers full VMS functionality along with incident detection analytics applications - all in a single, unified monolithic systems architecture.

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Our Clients

We bring our whole self to work,our team's dedication and commitment toward the work gives our clients lot more confidence in us.Intozi has an array of clients across multiple verticals starting from traffic enforcemnt to safety and security.Our strength is not only providing the standard solutions but we are capable to make taylor made solutions as per our client's requirement and use cases

"AI technology is so built into our lives that it's part of the surrounded of every artist"

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