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ANPR Software is built using state-of-the-art vector technology that automates reading of license plates reliably in poor lighting and bad weather.
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Face Recognition

Face Recognition Software identifies unique face characteristics with the digital biometric technology to identify a user in real-time.
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ITMS integrates the traffic management devices effectively with other equipment to analyze vehicle movement and track it.
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Smoke And Fire

The smoke and fire detection work actively by sending alarm notifications on a Smartphone. It can also be integrated with a home security system and provide alerts as and when smoke or fire is detected in the area.
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360 Solutions

The 360 solutions comprise all the computer vision technologies integrated together to make a system more vulnerable to any suspicious activities or for managing the traffic on road. This technology optimizes the performance of the city operations along with traffic signals and many more.
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Intozi helps you drive efficiency and growth with innovative AI-based applications.

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Crowd Analysis

People’s insights are measured based on emotions and demographics. Accurate content is triggered based on data collected.


Driver Drowsiness

Clearly detect if any drowsiness signs are shown by the driver by monitoring the movements of steering. It helps in avoiding any crashes.


Helmet Detection

AI-based helmet detection technology to detect people without helmets on moving vehicles. Automatic alerts are sent when helmet violation is found.


Object Detection

Detect the instances of objects like humans, vehicles and buildings etc from videos and images with image processing and computer vision.


Vehicle Detection

Real-time high definition vehicle detection system can detect all kinds of vehicles like vans, cars, bicycles, and trucks etc. Early cautioning alert is sent to the driver when vehicles come closer.



The location-based GeoFencing service is capable of sending messages to users who enters or exits in a particular defined geographic area.


Intrusion Detection

The system constantly monitors any policy violations and malicious activities around the set location and keeps track if any unwanted person enters the area.


Seat Belt Detection

The seat belt detection works efficiently and sends alerts to drivers in case of any accidents that can occur on the non-detection of the seat belt.

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Intozi Tech Pvt. Ltd works with a disciplined and professional methodology that drives toward the successful completion of every deployment. Our entire strategy is distributed into planning, research, collaboration and finally the execution to deliver a successful solution to all the clients.
In a shorter time period, we have the ability to come up with the best solution that is completely AI-driven and will take your business towards the stairs of growth and success.


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Intozi is an AI-based new generation startup that is based in Gurgaon. The company operates in Computer vision and artificial intelligence-related solutions. Our trained team of professionals is made to focus on the outcomes of the business. For us, change is an opportunity that leads to creating a solution to your business problem in a more innovative and new manner. We are completely passionate about our work and make sure we deliver what we promise.

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