The ANPR system also known as the number plate recognition system is one of the major steps in the world today towards the vehicle’s security and safety on roads.

Can We Prevent Incidents Like Jamia Millia Attacks With The Facial Recognition System?

Intozi’s weather friendly speed detectors have advanced features of ANPR, helmet detection, vehicle detection, vehicle classification, video recording, etc.

A challenge to detect as well as predict the driver’s operational state is resolved with the help of intelligence neural network models. Driver drowsiness model just not detect but predict the critical impairment of the driver, initial fatigue with behavioral analysis.

Intozi Intelligent Traffic Managment System is a combination of leading-edge information and communication technologies used in transportation and traffic management for road safety, potency, and stability of transportation, to diminish the traffic and enhance road safety on every scale of transportation.

Usually, surveillance cameras are passive; they are useful only when we need evidence if something goes wrong or to check on. But it’s changing and very fast. Artificial intelligence is giving major goals to surveillance cameras as it is minimizing human dependency.

Technological changes are coming from the technology we are adapting day-by-day. Virtual reality is taking the shape of real vision with the evolution of intelligence. Machines are behaving like living beings with the help of technology only. Hence results in smart thinking-secure living.

Security check using video surveillance is immensely secure and authentic for warehouses entry exit system. The access control is completely automated.

Intozi is leading new-age product based company with core focus on Intelligent Video Analytics, Chatbot, ERP and Machine learning technologies. With objective to solve complex problem the firm specializes in building intelligent software solution deep learning, IoT, Natural language processing.