About Us

Intozi is a cutting-edge company that specializes in product development formed as a startup in 2018, with a primary focus on Intelligent Transport and Traffic Management Systems (ITS/ITMS). Its offerings include critical components such as AI-powered VMS, ANPR, Vehicle Count Classification, Radar/Laser-based Speed Enforcement Devices, RLVD, and Parking Management Solutions. The company’s objective is to tackle complex challenges by leveraging intelligent software solutions built using deep learning, IoT, and computer vision.

Our Management 

Intozi Management

Our Team 

With a commitment to innovation and a passion for AI video analytics solutions, Intozi is revolutionizing the way we navigate the world. Embracing the power of advanced technologies like deep learning, IoT and computer vision, we develop intelligent software solutions that drive the future of Intelligent Transport and Traffic Management Systems (ITS/ITMS), safety & Security. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine technology and create a smarter, safer, and more efficient world.