See Beyond Analyze Within

IKSHANA : See Beyond Analyze Within

Ikshana is Intozi’s world class enterprise video analytics platform loaded with 90+ video analytics applications to cater a wide range of use cases across multiple domains. It empower users with the liberty to run any of the video analytic applications on any video source. Enterprises has the freedom to use any of the video analytics app from the list of pre-built apps as well as they can built new apps by training the AI models on there own datasets according to there use cases.

Key Features :

  • 99+ Video AI apps
  • App stack gives flexibility to user for selecting any application as per user requirement
  • Integrated with major VMS platforms
  • Zero Coding Custom AI Model training
  • Dynamic VA Apps & Stream Source Binding
  • Multiple Database Integration

IKSHANA AI Suite: Multiple Verticals showcasing at one platform

Safety & Security

  • Face Recognition System
  • PPE Kit Detection
  • Gesture Detection
  • Fire & Smoke Detection
  • Occupancy Tracking 
  • Parameter Protection
  • Attribute Based Search
  • Adv. Unattended Object Detection 

Crowd Analytics

  • People Counting & Tracking
  • Occupancy Detection 
  • Crowd Behaviour Analysis
  • Intrusion Detection 
  • Queue Management 
  • Customer Journey Tracking 
  • Loitering Detection 
  • Slip/Fall Detection 


Road Traffic Analytics

  • Vehicle Count & Classification 
  • Traffic Volume Analysis 
  • Vehicle Make & Model Detection 
  • Driving Pattern Detection 
  • No Parking 
  • Wrong Lane 
  • Vehicle Entry/Exit Detection 
  • Over-Sized Vehicle Detection 

EHS Related Analytics

  • Garbage Detection 
  • Pothole Detection 
  • Stray Animal Detection 
  • Process Monitoring Detection 
  • Forklift Speed Detection 
  • FRS Based Attendence Module 
  • Violence Detection 
  • Defect Identification 

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