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Intelligent Traffic Management

Number Plate Recognition

This feature helps quick detection and identification of vehicle number plate with real-time entry\exit stamping.

Vehicle Classification

An effective Traffic Management System designed for quick classification of vehicles. It helps in hassle-free monitoring of vehicles.

Vehicle count

This feature helps in estimating the road traffic density for a quick assessment of traffic conditions.

No Helmet

No Helmet Detection System helps to detect if a passenger is not wearing a helmet to accurately classify traffic violators.

Red Light Violation Detection

Enjoy a safer and secure driving experience and improve compliance with road traffic rules.

Wrong Lane

It detects a vehicle speeding in wrong lane. It helps to keep overspeeding and wrong driving in check.

Wrong way

Helps to curb the menace of vehicles entering on the highway from wrong way or going against the legal traffic flow.

Parking Violation Detection

Advanced vehicle detection accuracy with AI-powered solutions to regulate and manage parking violations.

Speed Violation Detection

Detect overspeeding vehicles in real-time to keep speedy vehicles in check and provider a safe driving experience.

No seatbelt

Quick detection of passenger not wearing seat belt. It helps in issuance of challans.

Smart City Solutions

Facial Recognition

We offer Facial Recognition technology for a variety of applications and for traffic management, bringing innovation to each unique setting and ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

Intrusion Detection

The use of IDS or Intrusion Detection Systems allows for monitoring and identification of potential security breaches or suspicious activities, helping to ensure the safety and security of the system.

Incident Detection

This feature helps collect and analyse data to detect incidents. It uses various sensing technologies to help detect a potential incident.

Fence Jumping

Our advanced technology provides reliable detection and alerts for instances of fence jumping, ensuring the safety and security of the area.

Crowd Analysis

Our advanced feature automatically detects crowds and analyzes the data to effectively manage the flow of individuals. It assists in prioritizing signals and streamlining movement.

Loitering Detection

This feature helps in detecting in objects lying in an area for a long time to avoid any unpleasant situations.

People Counting

This feature gives insight into number of people entering or exiting a facility with real-time counting. The accurate analysis helps in managing the flow of people in a building.

Manufacturing Unit (Safety Gear Detection) : Safety Helmet Detection and Safety Jacket Detection

Fire Detection

It uses an advanced fire detection system to detect smoke and fire with its hyper-sensitive camera field view.

Object Counting

Automated object detection and counting helps in detecting accurate number of objects in a space helping to take well-informed decisions.

Person Activity Analysis

It detects and analyses person activity in a manufacturing facility and help to manage optimal resources efficiently and effectively.

Safety helmet detection

Safety management is ensured and implemented with accuracy and enhanced efficiency with this system detecting helmet wearing and avoid unsafe practices.

Footfall Count

It measures number of people entering and exiting a facility. It helps to manage the flow of people in a facility.

Intrusion Detection

Detects intruders in a facility and monitors suspicious activity to take timely safety and security steps.

Smoke Detection

This system detects smoke and gives a warning about possibility of fire. The smoke detection is done through devices installed in ceilings.

Safety jacket Detection

It helps detect safety jacket to ensure person wearing and adhering to personal protection guidelines.

Presence/Absence Detection

This feature helps in detecting the presence or absence of an object in a space. High resolution camera help to detect with utmost accuracy.

Packet Count Detection in the Warehouse Unit

Vehicle TAT calculation

It measures and analyses time taken by transport vehicles to cover pre-determined distance.

Packet counting

It helps in keeping a tab on stored loose items, helping in managing warehouse inventory effectively and efficiently.

Inventory Management

The system helps keeping an a tab on stored inventory and tracking it until it leaves the warehouse. It helps a lot in making fleet management decisions.

Time calculation

High-end analytical tools help in accurate time calculation to make optimal utilisation of resources.

Vehicle Management

Supply and Logistics Management made easy with managing warehouse fleet. It helps in optimizing internal capabilities.

We Create AI Powered Solutions

Intozi design and develop Artificial Intelligence based computer vision applications for all kinds of video analytics with offerings for a wide range of industries including retail, security, smart cities, traffic enforcement and hospitality among others. Intozi has an array of products starting from Automatic number plate recognition, Face recognition and Radar & Lidar based speed monitoring devices.

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We bring our whole self to work, our team’s dedication and commitment toward the work gives our clients lot more confidence in us. Intozi has an array of clients across multiple verticals starting from traffic enforcement to safety and security. Our strength is not only providing the standard solutions but we are capable to make taylor made solutions as per our client’s requirement and use cases.


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