AI Enabled Smart Barricades

Flexible and AI enabled barricades that withstand the test of modern testings environments with flourish.

Smart Barricading System

Intozi has used advanced technology to increase the efficiency Of ordinary barricading systems. Barricaded are powered by Intozi’s ANPR devices to scan the plates of each and every vehicle crossing from the check post point and it alerts the ground staff instantly as soon as any listed/stolen vehicle is detected so that staff can take appropriate actions proactively. Solar power-backed ANPR device remains active 24 * 7.

  • Equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • On -the-spot alerts for Hotlisted Vehicles
  • Solar power based

Flexible barriers need frequent repairs and renovations to ensure effective assessment of the wire tensions, etc. Such barriers can be highly ineffective in reducing injuries and fatalities.

Intozi’s real time monitoring systems and data aggregation platforms provide extensive reporting and control. These systems also increase the efficiency of the barricades especially the ones powered by the ANPR devices and platforms. These systems can also scan and send details of the car plates to ensure easy passage or report a stolen vehicle.

Smart Traffic Barricade System

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