Smart Traffic Barricade System

Flexible and AI enabled barricade that withstand the test of
modern testings environments with flourish.

Smart Barricading

Intozi advanced true edge technology has transformed an ordinary barricade into a smart barricade. Stand alone system embedded in Barricade helps authorities by scanning each and every vehicle’s number plate passing through. Smart Barricade system keep checking for hotlisted vehicles it generates instant alerts on the spot to alert staff deployed on site.

  • Automatic Number Plate Scanning through ANPR technology 
  • Solar Power Operated 
  • On-the-spot Alerts for Hot listed Vehicles 
  • Vehicle record tracking for Checkpost 
  • Supports 4G Connectivity for data transmission 
  • Smart Reports & Analysis 

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See how well Intozi Traffic cameras are working around the world

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Camera Dashboard

It is about Intozi ANPR camera. Device having inbuilt smart dashboard and IoT features.

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Highly accurate ANPR

Intozi’s ANPR device is designed to keep a track on a range of traffic vehicles.

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ANPR Camera Device

This is about Intozi ANPR Camera. India’s first IoT enabled ANPR camera having inbuilt features.

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Smart ANPR

Intozi’s AI Enabled ANPR Solution