AI powered solution Handheld-Mobile-Radar

Overspeeding solution for vehicle surveillance


Intozi’s traffic violation detection device is capable to detect traffic violations with good accuracy. This device is very compact and easy to use. Device is equipped with 2D radar and it can detect the over speeding vehicles moving at speed up to 250 km/h. Best in class ANPR solution can read vehicle’s number plates with perfection.

  • Handheld Lightweight portable device
  • Highly Accurate ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Dual modes: Manual and Auto
  • Violation detection range up to 70 meters


  • No Helmet Violation Detection
  • No Seatbelt Violation Detection
  • Overspeed Detection; vehicles moving at speed up to 250 km/h.
  • Speed limit can be configured for Car, Bus , Truck and Motorbike.
  • Vehicle Type Classification, Number Plate & Vehicle Direction Detection


  • Advanced Automatic Number Plate recognition system read the vehicle numbers with great accuracy during day and night.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition system reads vehicle numbers accurately day and night.
  • ANPR Solution reads all type of plates with perfection
  • ANPR Software is designed to perform with precision and provide reliable data for traffic management purposes.
  • It checks the over speeding vehicles of all categories based on speed limit defined for each category; Car, Bus , Truck and Motorbike separately.
  • It separately categorizes vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, and motorbikes.
  • The speed limits for each category can be easily defined through a user-friendly interface.
  • Traffic violation detection device can send the violation data to centralized server even at low bandwidth of internet connection in real time. 
  • The traffic violation detection device can send violation data to a centralized server in real-time, even with a low bandwidth internet connection.
  • The device sends GPS coordinates of its location, along with valid violation evidence, to aid in penalizing violators.
  • The system ensures that data is transmitted accurately and efficiently, enabling prompt action to be taken against traffic violations.
  • Our 2D radar detects the over speeding vehicles moving at speed up to 250 km/h. 
  • The device is designed to detect traffic violations with high accuracy, helping to improve road safety and traffic enforcement.
  • The radar system is an effective tool for monitoring traffic flow and detecting violations in real-time.

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