Face Recognition System

Unlocking the Future: The Power of Face Recognition Technology

Intozi's FRS

Intozi’s Face Recognition System works perfectly to identify people by capturing and storing facial data. Suitable solution to authenticate identities, and even detect suspicious behavior in public areas. The FRS Solution is meant for face matching  using existing database and management system for access control. 

Key Features :

  • Highly Accurate NIST Certified AI model 
  • HRMS Integration 
  • Distant Recognition 
  • Access Control Integration 
  • Instant alert for listed faces 
  • Liveliness Detection 

Face Recognition System (FRS) Applications:

  •  Intozi’s FRS provides a reliable solution for authenticating identities through accurate facial recognition, ensuring secure access to various systems and locations.
  • The system seamlessly integrates with access control management, offering an efficient approach to regulating entry and exit based on facial recognition.
  • Instant alerts are generated for faces listed in the system, allowing for quick response to identified individuals and enhancing security measures.
  • Intozi’s FRS includes distant recognition capabilities, allowing for the identification of individuals from a distance, enhancing convenience and security in various scenarios.
  • The system incorporates liveliness detection, ensuring that it responds effectively to live faces, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing security.

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