AI Enabled Police Interceptor Vehicle

Smart AI enabled interceptor vehicles that add zing to the policing efforts.

Smart Interceptor Vehicles

Intozi has designed a Smart Two Wheeler interceptor vehicle for police authorities which is very cost effective as maintenance cost is very low as compared to it with four wheeler interceptor vehicle. It is equipped with hand held speed monitoring device along with other useful equipment such as Tint Meter & Breath Analyzer devices. Speed monitoring device is specifically designed to fit into two wheelers interceptor and it can be used effortlessly to detect traffic rule violations.

  • Cost effectively interceptor vehicle
  • Breath Analyzer & Tint Meter
  • GPS Mapping
  • Speed Violation Detection
  • No Helmet Violation Detection
  • Triple Rider & Wrong-Way Driving Violation
  • ANPR & Vehicle Classification
  • Automatic Challan generation with vahan Software

Smart Interceptor Vehicles

  • Intozi’s amazing interception vehicles give police an upper edge, internet connectivity, information sharing with command centers, etc.
  • The smart two wheelers are cost-effective solutions. The additional accessories like Monitoring devices, etc. can help to overcome traffic problems and violations quickly.

Benefits of these systems are –

  • Highly accurate accident management systems that allow experts to track and recieve information about the accidents
  • GPS based navigation systems that make all the difference in case of emergency or traffic congestion
  • Vehicle location monitoring systems helps to seek the location and status of police cars
  • Easy and quick violation detection 

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