Anti Violation Device (2D) Radar

Revolutionizing Road Safety: Introducing the Radar Speed System - Your Ultimate Traffic Solution for Speed Detection!

Over speed Detection - Radar Speed Solution

Intozi’s traffic violation device is designed to keep a track on a range of traffic violations. This device works with great precision even for the traffic moving at high speed. Vehicle Classfication feature helps to track over speeding vehicles on the basis of speed limits defined for respective vehicle classes. 


  • Traffic Violation detection on high speed up to 225 Kmph
  • Vehicle Classification and Vehicle Counting 
  • Multiple Lane targeting up to 3 lanes.
  • Overspeeding, Fancy Number Plates , Wrong Way Driving Detection 
  • 99% accuracy on clearly visible plates 
  • Smart Alerts for Hotlisted Vehicles
  • Intozi's radar speed display system generates visual alerts in three different colors according to the speed of vehicles. Display supports Red, Green and Amber colors to display the speed.

  • The amazing systems detect vehicle speed and display it visually on the intozi's intelligent display system. The same showcases the information in three colours- Amber, Red and Green, depending on the speed of the incoming vehicle. 

Intozi's amazing features are worth every penny invested. These include the following - 

  • High-speed detection systems with high accuracy
  • Ultra-bright systems for added visibility
  • Supports multiple colours 
  • Easy integration with violator strobes
  • Easy to configure
  • Intelligent traffic data analysis
  • Displays are available in multiple size options from smaller to bigger size. Custom sized can also be provided as per requirements.
  • Displays are available in multiple sizes and options ranging from small to large sizes. Custom sizes can also be designed as per requirements.
  • Data can be stored locally as well as it can be sent to clouds using reliable internet connection.
  • Data can be stored locally and remotely to ensure reliable reporting and analysis.
  • Smart analysis can be used to manage traffic flows appropriately and efficiently for effective traffic management.
Display Specification
Display Area
Led Pitch
Display Function
Led Count
Radar Specification
Radar Technology
Detection Range
Range Accuracy
120/30 Degree

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