People Counting and Crowd Analysis

Optimize traffic flow with Intozi's AI-powered People Counting and Crowd Analysis technology

People Counting and Crowd Analysis

Accurately managing foot traffic in any facility is essential for ensuring smooth operations and improving customer experience. Intozi’s AI video analytics technology offers a People Counting System for real-time counting, and automatic crowd analysis to provide valuable insights and optimize traffic flow.

At Intozi, we are committed to providing businesses with innovative technology solutions that help optimize their operations. Our People Counting System and Crowd Analysis features are designed to provide insights and optimize traffic flow, making it the ideal choice for facilities of any size.

People Count & Crowd Analysis

Key Features Of People Counting and Crowd Analysis Are : 

  • Accurate analysis of people entering and exiting a facility 
  • Automatic detection and analysis of crowds 
  • Real-time counting for precise data collection 
  • Helps manage the flow of people in a building 
  • Helps prioritize traffic signals 
  • Improves traffic flow and reduces congestion 

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