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AI Video Analytics Solutions for a Smarter Future

The Future Of Surveillance: How Video Analytics Is Revolutionizing Security

Intozi’s AI Video Analytics solutions redefine security with real-time fence jumping detection, accurate object and people counting, high-precisionhuman detection, and efficient smoke & fire detection.

Our Seamless integration enhances overall safety measures which ensures proactive responses to potential threats and optimizing operations for various applications, these advanced systems revolutionize safety and security in diverse scenarios, providing timely alerts and reliable insights for informed decision-making.

Our AI Video Analytics Includes: 

Fence Jumping Detection:

  • Swiftly identifies unauthorized attempts to breach fences using real-time monitoring and advanced AI algorithms. 
  • Accurate detection capabilities and behavioral analysis enhance security in protected areas.

Object Counting

  • Object Counting solutions offer high accuracy and efficiency in real-time object counting and detection.
  • Our System can count different types of objects, and it uses this ability to improve traffic flow and manage crowds more effectively.

Human Detection

  • Real-time alerts and high accuracy revolutionize human detection, ensuring comprehensive surveillance. 
  • Customizable privacy settings and crowd monitoring enhance overall performance.

People Counting

  • Advanced capabilities accurately track footfall in real-time, optimizing staff allocation and enhancing customer experience. 
  • Efficient crowd management and resource allocation for improved operational efficiency.

Smoke & Fire Detection:

  • Efficiently identifies and prevents fire and smoke incidents with real-time alerts and high accuracy. 
  • Enhances safety in critical situations, protecting occupants and assets.

Intrusion Detection:

  • Provides real-time alerts and accurate identification of potential threats, bolstering security measures. 
  • Contributes to a comprehensive security approach, mitigating risks effectively.

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