Highway Traffic Management System

Amazing and high-class traffic management systems for reducing traffic congestion, improving the ease of traffic flow.

Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier

Intozi’s Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier (ATCC) system is video analytics based solution to count and classify the vehicle traffic on real time basis. 

The edge device is stand alone system which can provide the traffic flow insights with high accuracy in real time basis.


  • Real-time Monitoring: Offers instant and up-to-date information on traffic patterns.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: Highly Accurate information on vehicle class wise count across multiple classes helps in enhancing traffic management. 
  • Device Integration: Easy integration with any third-party application.

Vehicle Incident Detection System

VIDS detect and alert command and control room of potential vehicle incidents, such as stopped vehicles, breakdowns, and accidents. 

Respective authorities can take preventive action promptly to reduce the hazards.


  • Proactive Safety Measures: Timely on site alerts on Incidents such as poor visibility. slow traffic movement helps to reduce unwanted road accidents.
  • Real-time Alerts: Provides instant notifications to authorities for prompt preventive actions.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with any third-party application for efficient 

Vehicle Speed Display System

Vehicle Speed Display System (VSDS) detects the speed of each vehicle on display & alerts the over speeding vehicles through textual warning on display as well as by blowing the siren at site. 

It warns commuters to slow down the vehicles so that road accidents can be averted & e-Challan generation for violators. 


  • Safety Reminders: Warns commuters to reduce speed, preventing potential road accidents.
  • E-Challan Generation: Facilitates automatic e-Challan generation for violators.
  • Road Safety Enhancement: Contributes to overall road safety by promoting responsible driving behaviour.

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