Vehicle Speed Detection System

Automatic and contactless robust systems for speed assessment and movement


Intozi’s 4D radar based vehicle speed detection system (VSDS) works perfectly by detecting the speed of vehicles along with ANPR in free flow traffic. It displays the warning for over speeding vehicles in real time on display to alert the speeding vehicle’s driver. Cameras used in VSDS will be used to extract the vehicle class & registration number automatically and add on features like vehicle make, model and colour.


  • Speed detection up to 270 Kmph
  • Seamless integration with HTMS application 
  • Multi vehicle speed detection up to 256 objects simultaneously 
  • Highly accurate ANPR along with vehicle classification & count. 
  • Vehicle class & lane mapping
  • Smart Reporting – Vehicle logs, violation logs, video clips, health monitoring
  • The VASDS system is designed to display the speed of every vehicle on its display and provide real-time alerts to drivers who are over-speeding. 
  • It also streamlines the process of generating E-Challans, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.
  • The VASD system allows custom messages to be broadcasted from a centralized command and control room to all locations. 
  • It can aid in providing real-time alerts to drivers and helping them adjust their driving behavior, thereby promoting road safety.

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