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Intozi Speed Detection Solutions For Traffic Enforcement

Welcome to Intozi, your ultimate destination for state-of-the-art traffic safety and enforcement solutions. Our wide range of speed detection products, including speed radar guns, laser speed guns, speed display signs, vehicle speed cameras, and traffic enforcement cameras, has been thoughtfully designed to ensure safe and efficient roads.

Our cutting-edge speed display board solutions provide real-time vehicle speed information, empowering drivers to abide by speed limits and substantially reduce the risk of accidents. Moreover, our laser speed guns have gained a reputation for their exceptional accuracy, making them the top choice for law enforcement and various professional applications. Alongside our high-performance traffic enforcement cameras, we efficiently capture traffic violations and strengthen enforcement measures.

At Intozi, we take data privacy seriously and ensure full compliance with industry standards, protecting the privacy of individuals and vehicles being monitored. Our solutions are customized to meet various needs, and we offer competitive prices, including affordable lidar gun options. Whether you are a law enforcement professional or require speed detection in high-traffic areas, our police laser gun and police lidar gun options will meet your requirements effectively.

Key Features

·        Highly Accurate to detect over speeding very easily

·        Real-time alerts for stolen and hot-listed vehicles

·        Red light Violation Detection System

·        E-Challan Integration for traffic violators

·        Smart Dashboard System for Real-Time Analytics

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