Automatic Vehicle Counter and Classifier

Intozi's Intelligent Traffic Management System

Toll Pro Axle Counting System


A new concept of axle counting using AI video analytics. It not only classify vehicle on the basis of vehicle axle count but also classify considering vehicle size and profile using image processing.


  • Vehicle Counting & Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Contact Free Vehicle Axle Counting
  • Vehicle Hotlisting & smart alerts
  • Boom Barrier & Fast Tag Integration
  • Vehicle Classification on vehicle axle count and vehicle pro
  • Video recording for audit.
  • Smart reports for Vehicle Volume Analysis

AVCC Highlights

AVCC is bundled with many additional features like automatic number plate detection through ANPR, Vehicle counting and Vehicle categories classification. It is capable of reading the number plates via ANPR system automatically with high accuracy. Vehicle hot listing feature helps to generate alerts for stolen/suspected vehicles added to the list.

AVCC systems from Intozi are bundled with amazing features like -

  • Automatic number plate detection system
  • Vehicle counting
  • Vehicle category classification, etc.

The intelligent system is capable of reading number plates automatically and with extreme accuracy. 

The hot-listing feature is capable of reading the number plates adequately via ANPR software and can generate alerts for specific vehicles, suspected thefts, etc. Simply add to the list and the intelligent systems will take care of the rest.

  • Toll pro application is easy to integrate with toll management application and RFID systems. It provide the output data in JSON & XML formats. Plug & Play Integration with Boom Barrier and access controllers.
  • The entire application is easy to integrate with leading toll management systems and software. These can also be integrated with toll management applications, RFID systems, etc. 
  • The data output is available in JSON and plug and play integration is possible with access controllers, boom barriers, etc.
  • Data can be stored locally as well as it can be sent to clouds using reliable internet connection.
  • Data can be stored locally or over cloud systems to view and analyse critical traffic data.
  • Dashboards are further available to generate traffic reports like volume analysis, the impact of large vehicles on traffic movements, volume trends, etc.
  • Toll-Pro system can easily classify the vehicles into multiple classes on the basis of their size and shape. It can easily detect the classes like trailers, earth movers and many others.
  • Intozi's advanced traffic management system can intelligently classify vehicles according to classes and thus reduce the need for human intervention. Our intelligent traffic management system assess and classify vehicles according to specific shapes and sizes to detect varieties of heavy and light vehicles.

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