Intozi's ANPR Camera

It's designed for organizations having multiple entry-exit or surveillance supports.

AI Enabled ANPR Solution

ANPR video analytics is designed for detecting objects with high accuracy. Its analytical engine is powered by advanced AI Technology which is capable of capturing detect in complete darkness, glaring light and adverse weather conditions. The exceptional detection and recognition capabilities of device help integrators provide solutions for challenging imaging problems at critical infrastruture sites and remote facilities. 

Application Area

  • Parking
  • Access Control
  • Security

Key Features

  • Up to 95% accuracy on clearly visible plates. 
  • IoT enabled class detection with vehicle count 
  • Easy Boom Barrier integration for access control 
  • Plug & Play Integration with Third Party Applications 
  • Perfectly reads number of Two Wheelers & Autos 
  • Low network bandwidth requirement for data transmission 
ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a valuable option for a variety of applications, such as:
  • Law Enforcement Support: Verifies vehicle licenses and registrations, generating automatic alerts for hot listed vehicles.
  • Electronic Toll Collection: Facilitates free-flowing traffic at toll booths while capturing vehicle plate numbers for record-keeping.
  • Automated Road Safety Enforcement: Recognizes instances of speeding and red-light violations through automated processes.
  • Entrance & Exit Control: Raises barriers exclusively for authorized vehicles, enhancing security and control measures.

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Camera Dashboard

It is about Intozi ANPR camera. Device having inbuilt smart dashboard and IoT features.

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Highly accurate ANPR

Intozi’s ANPR device is designed to keep a track on a range of traffic vehicles.

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ANPR Camera Device

This is about Intozi ANPR Camera. India’s first IoT enabled ANPR camera having inbuilt features.

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Smart ANPR

Intozi’s AI Enabled ANPR Solution