Intelligent Traffic Management System

Amazing and high-class traffic management systems for reducing traffic congestion, improving the ease of traffic flow.

Intelligent Traffic Management System

Intozi’s advanced video analytic based Intelligent Traffic Management System consists of multiple features to address the multiple challenges across urban traffic as well as highway traffic management. Easy to deploy and scalable ITMS solution  can be integrated with complex systems such as NIC, Morth or Vahan very easily. 


  •  Fully Automated Violation Detection System
  •  Real—Time Traffic Analysis
  •  centralized command & control Room with Video walls
  •  Real-Time alerts for traffic management
  •  Vehicle Category Wise classification
  • vehicle Trajectory Graph
  •  NIC Integration

How Intozi's Intelligent Traffic Management System Work?

  • Utilizes sensors and cameras to collect real-time data on traffic flow, speed, and density.
  • Centralized systems analyze collected data using algorithms to identify patterns and potential issues.
  • Adjusts traffic signal timings in real-time to optimize the flow of vehicles, using adaptive control systems.
  • Displays real-time speed alerts to drivers through dynamic message signs, guiding them drive safely
  • Integrates data from various sources into a centralized software platform for continuous monitoring, management, and optimization of the entire traffic network.
  • Provides instant real-time alerts for road accidents, vehicle breakdowns, congestions, and violations, enhancing proactive response and safety measures

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See how well Intozi Traffic cameras are working around the world

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Camera Dashboard

It is about Intozi ANPR camera. Device having inbuilt smart dashboard and IoT features.

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Highly accurate ANPR

Intozi’s ANPR device is designed to keep a track on a range of traffic vehicles.

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ANPR Camera Device

This is about Intozi ANPR Camera. India’s first IoT enabled ANPR camera having inbuilt features.

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Smart ANPR

Intozi’s AI Enabled ANPR Solution