Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier System (ATCC)

Intozi’s ATCC suit is designed to perfection

Streamlining Scientific Breakthroughs: Advanced Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier (ATCC)

Intozi’s Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier (ATCC) is video based solution to count and classify the vehicle traffic on real time basis. Intozi’s ATCC system is based on advanced computer vision technology unlike ordinary ATCC system based on magnetic mass technology. It helps to plan the traffic management in an efficient manner.

Key Features

  • Automatic Vehicle Classification up to 8 different classes.
  • Vehicle Counting.
  • Smart Dashboard & Reports.
  • Works for free flow as well as Stop & Go traffic flow.
  • Covers multiple lanes
  • Availability of Images for data validation
  • Intozi’s ATCC system can provide the traffic flow insights on real time basis. Authorties can determine the peak hours, peak day and category wise vehicle volume for a better traffic movement planning. Intozi’s ATCC device is stand alone system which can provide the traffic flow insights with high accuracy in real time basis. Smart Dashboards are available to access the data locally as well as over internet from remote locations.
  • Top-quality systems from Intozi offer amazing traffic flow insights on a real-time basis. Authorities can assess the peak hours and days for effective traffic management. This offers better traffic movements and planning to ensure intelligent traffic management and control. 
  • Intozi's amazing ATCC delivers traffic flow insights and accuracy. 
  • Use a smart Dashboard to access the data locally and remotely to ensure easy traffic management. 
  • Intozi’s ATCC system can classify the vehicle into eight pre-defined classes with perfection. It can identify the two-wheelers, three-wheelers as well as heavy vehicles. It works perfectly for free flow traffic as well as for stop and go scenario.
  • Intozi systems can easily classify vehicles into eight classes like two-wheelers, three-wheelers, heavy vehicles, etc. This is also perfect for free-flow vehicles and traffic systems.
  • Data can be stored locally as well as it can be sent to clouds using reliable internet connection. Dashboards are available to view and analyze the Traffic data. Smart traffic reports like vehicle volume analysis helps to manage the traffic flow more efficiently.
  • The data collected by the systems can be stored locally or over the cloud. The dashboard helps you to view, analyse and evaluate traffic data over the period. 
  • Smart traffic reports include vehicle volume analysis, etc. to manage traffic flow adequately.
  • ATCC system can be integrated very easily with the third party systems/software. Inbuilt API interface requires minimum efforts to integrate with other systems. ATCC can transmit the data very easily by integration.
  • These systems can be easily integrated with desired third-party software.
  • The Inbuilt API interface is easy to use which means that data from your ATCC systems can be used for further processing with minimal hassle.

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