Intozi has deployed an Intelligent “City Surveillance System” at District Information Technology Society, Bhiwani

Problem Statement:
The Bhiwani police department did not have a centralized traffic monitoring and surveillance system. They were not able to track the traffic as well as law and order situation on a real-time basis without the deployment of police personnel across the city. They have to rely upon the camera footage from the cameras installed at different locations in order to introspect the criminal incidences. Scrolling down the lengthy camera footage usually takes a lot of time and manpower deployment to collect the evidence. There was not any provision to alert the enforcement team instantly.


Intozi has set up a centralized automated command and control room which is helping the authorities to get video analytics from live streams from all the cameras installed at multiple locations in the city. Command and Control room is equipped with the most advanced AI technology-driven surveillance system. This system constantly processes the footage from 40 cameras using Computer Vision and Machine learning based algorithms and pulls out the number plates during day and night automatically. It then cross verifies against the hot-listed number plates (Stolen, wanted etc.) from the Police Department’s database and instantly raises alerts in control room as well as through SMS & Email to the concerned authorities. This tech has helped them a lot to increase the efficiency of police to control crime incidences.


Crime control teams do not need to visit multiple locations to get the video footage from different cameras as all the camera recording is readily available in the centralized control room. Secondly, it is not required to go through the video recording anymore to drill down to the evidence as the Centralized surveillance system keeps a record of each vehicle number and trajectory of movement of the vehicle across the city. Additional details such as vehicle color, and vehicle class further help them to reach the conclusion. They can simply search any vehicle using different search parameters such as date & time, locations and vehicle type, etc. They can manage traffic situations as well as law and order situations very effectively now.

The Next Step: new video analytics capabilities will be added to Intozi’s Surveillance System using existing infrastructure in the next phase. AI technologies such as facial recognition, Crowd analysis and traffic law enforcement will further empower police authorities of the city. Traffic law violations such as no helmet, triple riding, no seat belt, and many more can be captured automatically by processing the video stream from existing cameras. The centralized surveillance system can be integrated with vahan/sarthi database to extract vehicle owner details to generate E-challans against the traffic violations.