Maharashtra police uses smart traffic monitoring devices developed by Intozi for safety and security of its citizens


Maharashtra police department is one of the largest police forces and is known for using new-age solutions to enforce rules and regulations for the safety and security of its citizens. Maharashtra police keeps on upgrading itself by adopting new technologies from time to time across all of its function areas. Road safety and security is one of the most important functional areas of  Maharashtra police.


It was a very challenging task for Maharashtra police to enforce traffic rules to make roads safer by reducing road accidents using ordinary systems and processes. Major causes of road accidents were road indiscipline, overspeeding, and non-compliance with using helmets and seat belts, etc. Valid evidence collection against the traffic rule offenders was a major bottleneck to penalizing the offenders. Targeting traffic rule offenders without creating any obstruction for normal traffic flow was impossible. Manpower utilization was very high to manage the traffic and to put a curb on traffic rule violators using ordinary systems which were highly dependent on manual intervention by police personnel. Multiple police personnel had to be deployed at a single traffic junction to keep a check on traffic rule violators.

Top management was not able to make data-driven decisions for traffic as information on traffic c violations from different parts of states was not available on a single platform.



Intozi has delivered advanced devices backed by Artificial intelligence technology to Maharashtra police to automate the process of keeping a check traffic rule violators and to penalize them. These devices are capable of detecting a range of traffic rule violations like speeding, No helmet, Triple riding, and no-seat belt detection automatically. Since these devices are capable of extracting the violator’s details automatically from free-flowing traffic, violators can be targeted without creating any obstruction for normal traffic. Speedosoft devices are capable of generating an E-challan automatically by getting the required details of offenders from the Vahan portal. A single device operator is capable enough to penalize a significant number of traffic rule offenders as compared to a number of penalties generated by multiple police personnel collectively previous to the rolling out of these smart devices. Each device is integrated with the central server and real-time data syncing from all devices facilitates the management to view and analyze the data using centralized dashboards. Management can take data-driven decisions on the basis of stats and reports available in the central system.


Intozi has powered Maharashtra Traffic and Highway police by delivering the most advanced Speedo soft Traffic monitoring devices. These devices have helped to increase the efficiency drastically to enforce the traffic rules across the state.