Revolutionary ANPR Device by Intozi: Accurate up to 95%

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology has revolutionized the way we monitor traffic on roads. By using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, ANPR devices can read and capture license plate numbers of vehicles passing through a certain location. This technology is used for law enforcement, toll collection, and traffic management purposes.

However, ANPR technology is not foolproof. It can face challenges in recognizing non-standard number plates, such as those with fancy characters, different colors, or tilts. This is particularly relevant in India, where license plates can come in various patterns and designs.

Enter the Intozi ANPR device. This device is specially designed to handle the challenges of Indian license plates, including non-HSRP plates, which are prevalent in the country. The device is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that enable it to recognize license plates accurately in unfavorable conditions, such as heavy traffic, over speeding, and bad weather.

Accuracy Benchmark

Intozi claims that its ANPR device can achieve an accuracy benchmark of 95% in recognizing license plates. This is a remarkable feat, considering the challenges posed by non-standard license plates in India. The device’s ability to accurately read license plates is critical for law enforcement and toll collection purposes, where even a small error in recognition can lead to significant consequences.

Real-Time Performance

Apart from the claimed benchmark, the Intozi ANPR device has been tested and proven to perform well in real-time scenarios. The device can capture license plates of multiple vehicles passing through simultaneously and can work efficiently in both day and night conditions. Its weather-friendly design ensures that it can operate seamlessly even in adverse weather conditions.


The Intozi ANPR device is a state-of-the-art technology that can accurately recognize license plates in unfavorable conditions. Its ability to handle non-standard license plates prevalent in India makes it a valuable addition to the ANPR market. With a claimed accuracy benchmark of 95%, the device is well-suited for law enforcement and toll collection purposes, where precision is critical.