Stray animals are the second most common reason for accidents, deaths, and hazards

No Stray Animal Left Unattended Using AI Video Analytics

Stray animals are a growing problem in cities around the world. They are unable to find food and shelter, so due to that, they stay on roads, which present a dangerous hazard to road traffic and pedestrians alike.

According to the data, there are 1,376 accidents caused by animals, which involve 804 dogs and 350 cattle. We often blame bad roads for road accidents and injuries, but nowadays the second most common reason for road accidents and injuries is stray animals. Stray animals are not the problem; these innocent animals are not getting proper shelter and food to survive, and for that reason, they have to come on the road in search of food and shelter.

To address this issue, many cities are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) video analytics to detect and alert municipal and animal health care departments. They can then respond to the alert by sending out animal health care workers to take care of the stray animals. By using stray animal detection, cities can help prevent accidents and injuries due to animals on the roads and promote smooth mobility.

Benefits of Stray Animal Detection

  • Swift Alerts: An AI-enabled guardian is highly active, has a close watch to detect stray animals, and sends alerts in real time so that the respective authority can be alerted. No stray animal was left unattended.
  • Enhanced Safety and Mobility: With stray animal detection, our streets are safer for everyone. Accidents and injuries, often caused by unexpected encounters with stray animals, have dropped significantly. It also makes traffic flow smoother, making our streets safer and more efficient.
  • Empowering the Visually Impaired: Stray animal detection helps people who are blind or visually impaired navigate their surroundings safely by alerting them to the presence of stray animals so that potential hazards posed by stray animals can be avoided.


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