Streamlining Accurate Garbage Detection using AI Video Analytics

Think about your city’s streets on a typical day. You have probably seen garbage scattered around, overflowing bins, and a mess that no one seems to address. During the rainy season, things get even messier, with clogged drains and piles of trash adding to the chaos. Not to mention the unpleasant Odor that not only offends our noses but also threatens our health.

Our story which witnessed garbage scattered all over our city streets. Overflowing trash cans, littered sidewalks, and parks marred by debris create an eyesore, highlighting the issue of neglect.The problem is not just the garbage itself but the delay in picking it up. Inefficient waste management systems mean trash sits there for days, making a bad situation worse.When the rains come, the situation goes from bad to worse. Waterlogged streets become channels for urban debris, blocking drains and causing floods.

How to Overcome this problem?

Imagine a world where technology can pinpoint and manage garbage with precision. AI video analytics is revolutionizing by it’s innovative technology to detect garbage by providing real-time analytics and alerts to the municipal departments if it detects any scattered garbage or any overflows.

Some Benefits of Garbage Detection using AI Video Analytics:

  • Healthier Cities : We help reduce health risks linked to unchecked garbage.
  • Smart Garbage Detection : We spot garbage buildup and instantly alert authorities.
  •  Time Saving : It saves time while detecting garbage in real-time which helps municipal departments to take appropriate action accordingly.
  • Cost Efficient : It save cost by detecting garbage in real-time by providing real-time analytics which results in reduction in manpower and routine manual inspections to check whether is scattered or overflowed.

At Intozi, we envision cleaner, greener cities for all. Our advanced AI video analytics solutions empower communities and municipalities to detect and manage garbage seamlessly, working within their current systems.

How Intozi Makes a Difference With our cutting-edge technology

  • Highly Accurate : It detects garbage accurately by highlighting the area where it found that garbage is scattered or overflowing from the garbage bin.
  • Smart Dashboard : We provide real-time analytics with customizable alerts which helps municipal departments to take the appropriate action accordingly.
  • Third Party Integration : It can seamlessly integrated with any third party application

With Intozi’s AI video analytics, we can transform our cities, making them cleaner, healthier, and more environmentally aware. 

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